Proofs Class

I tried to compensate for no official regular class meeting by making videos where I work through various examples that illustrate the main concepts for each section we covered (used GoodNotes5 and Zoom cloud recording). I tried my best to keep the videos under 20 minutes, but I still think they were too long and I will need to improve on these going forward. Further thoughts, as I end this incredibly difficult semester:

  • Get to working on writing and working on proofs more quickly -- even though chapters on logic are fundamental, students need much more exposure to proof writing and reading.

  • Put more focus also on reading proofs -- we did very little toward this. I think that in reading good proofs and "bad" proofs, students will have a greater understanding of how to structure their arguments.

  • Use a subject like point-set topology or set theory to introduce proofs, instead of number theory. Students had difficulty knowing what they can and cannot assume.